Laser Show Reservations

This is where you pay for your laser shows which will reserve space for you on the nights/times you’ve purchased. Please note that seating itself is “festival” style, so arriving a little earlier is better.

As with any other show, we’re sorry but there are no refunds after the show has started; this is our quarterly fundraiser.  Refunds cost twice, once by denying your reserved seating to others and again in processing a refund transaction.

NOTE: Please scroll down for tickets for the second weekend

Time Friday Saturday Sunday
6 pm 3/29: Pink Floyd The Wall

3/30: Laser Beatles & Paradigm Shift

3/31: Laser Zeppelin

7 pm 3/29: Laser Beatles & Paradigm Shift

3/30: Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon

3/31: Pink Floyd DSoTM

8 pm 3/29: ElectroLaze

3/30: Hypnotica

3/31: ElectroPop

9 pm 3/29: Hypnotica

3/30: ElectroLaze

3/31: Laser Beatles plus “Paradigm Shift”

Time Friday Saturday Sunday
6 pm 4/5: Pink Floyd DSoTM

4/6: Pink Floyd The Wall

4/7: Laser Magic

7 pm 4/5: Laser Vinyl

4/6: Laser Mania

4/7: Laser Beatles plus “Paradigm Shift” (short)

8 pm 4/5: Laseropolis

4/6: ElectroPop

4/7: Laser Country

9 pm 4/5: LaserPop plus Paradigm Shift

4/6: Hypnotica

4/7: ElectroLaze