Spring Camp: May Flowers 5/27

May 27

Enrollment Information and Pricing:

Calusa Camp dropoff (without Early Dropoff purchase) opens at 08:30 and camp begins at 9 am and ends at 4:00 pm.  Please be prompt; penalties for late pickup accrue in 10-min increments (and “late” after 6 pm gets to 5-min increments). If you have an early drop-off or late pick-up requirement, please call our office immediately to discuss this, and make sure you pay for and list those extras using the payment buttons and registration form.

Pricing: $35/day members or $45/day non-members
Early drop-off 08:00 on: $5/day
Late pickup/After-care 4 – 6 pm: $10/day (movies, activities and crafts that are themed as with camp and designed for smaller groups)
Calusa camp is for campers from 6 to 13 years of age. All six-year-olds must have completed kindergarten upon starting camp.

Please fill out the application below if you wish to register your camper(s) online. Each camper will require a separate registration form fill, but choice of multiple camp days may be made in that camper’s registration and payments for all of your campers may be made in one pass by setting the item quantities appropriately.

IMPORTANT: The Camper Information Form (included below) must be filled out and submitted once your camper is registered — just one Camper Information Form is required per camper: This is where you will reserve space in specific camps, so be SURE to fill it out as soon as payment is made! Campers will not be able to start camp if their information form has not been processed, so this form should be filled out and sent the same day as registration.

Please remember that your student’s place will NOT be assured until you complete the payment (each payment link, the green buttons just above the registration form, opens in new browser tab).


Camp Purchase Links (purchase opens in new tab)
Non-Member purchasing any “single days” of camp ($45/day, select quantity to reflect how many days your camper will be attending):






Member purchasing any “single days” of camp ($35/day, select quantity to reflect how many days your camper will be attending):






Early Dropoff ($5/day, select quantity to match the days of early dropoff you need):






Late Pickup/After-Care ($10/day, select quantity to match the days of late pickup/after-care you need. Thematic activities, crafts, movies for smaller group)






Individual Camper Registration Form

Camper Info


Guardian Contact info


Emergency Contact Information


Medical Information