Open and fill out RSVP form right here on this page, or right-click, download, fill in and email this one:  Website RSVP Form

Note: You do NOT need to RSVP for any of the three daily planetarium shows or for the animal demonstration at 1 pm. These are regularly scheduled events and will be held whether we have 2 visitors or 200 🙂

Please do use this form to reserve space at any event (guided walks, night hikes, free classes as they appear in our Monthly Events page) that does not require an initial deposit but that DOES say "RSVP." This form is a "show of hands" to make sure we have enough interested participants to hold the event. Always RSVP if you are coming to such an event and definitely want the event to occur! Also please TELL US HOW MANY people in your party. We look forward to seeing you at some of our many special events, workshops and guided hikes, etc., over the coming year!

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