On Field Trip Day

On Field Trip Day

A Handy List to check off on Field Trip Day

Be sure to review these day-of guidelines to ensure you, your students, and chaperones are prepared and ready to go when you arrive.

Inform Chaperones and Your Bus Driver About:

  • Any scheduled shows and activities (and remind them to show up 15 minutes prior to the start time)
  • Where and when to meet for lunch (usually either McNew Pavilion under the main museum building, or the Pine Pavilion, to which a staffer will direct you)
  • Where and when to meet for departure

Collect lunches in small boxes or coolers labeled with your school’s name. Designate a chaperone or teacher to remove lunches from the bus. Lunches should be stored where the staff direct, upon entrance to the museum.

Bring your confirmation email for check-in.

Be Prepared With:

  • The exact count of students, teachers, and chaperones in your group (Including, extra chaperones and students not included in reservation.)
  • Your payment