Daily Events

Daily Events

11:00 am Tue, Th, Sat: All About Alligators  Join one of our Animal Care Specialists for a visit to Al and Allie, our large alligators, and learn about them! This program will cover a rotating list of topics, so it’s worth attending several times to cover all of the fascinating “gator tales” about this ancient and striking species. Viewing is best from the sundial plaza or from ground level under the museum building.

11:00 am Fridays only (subject to weather: held only if it’s sunny) Solar Observing using the Coronado Solar Telescope Are there sunspots today? Prominences? A flare? Planetarium volunteers and/or staff will show you the Sun “live” as few people get to see it. Catch our narrow-band filter’s detailed view of the Sun live on the platform in front of the planetarium at 11 am on Fridays, weather permitting.

12:00 pm 7 days/wk “Flight Adventures” — Re-enact the history of flight in amusing, informative, full-dome planetarium show.*

1:15 pm 7 days/wk Live Animal Demonstration in the main Museum building — you never know what “denizens of Calusa, native or invasive” will be featured in this live and optionally hands-on animal encounter and demonstration, given by one of our experienced and engaging Animal Care Specialists.

2:00 pm 7 days/wk Planetarium Show #2: “Back to the Moon for Good: The Google Lunar X-Prize” Deadline is approaching for this competition!*

3:00 pm 7 days/wk Planetarium Show #3: “Phantom of the Universe: the Hunt for Dark Matter” plus (optional) “Autumn Stargazing” — or Potluck*  Tilda Swinton is your narrator for this energetic new (2017) look at dark matter and the amazing machines set to detect — or create — it!

3:00 pm Mon, Wed, Fri: Eyes On Eagles — Learn about these majestic raptors from the people who keep them healthy, near the enclosure of Erica the Eagle.

*For detailed information about the planetarium shows, please see our listing on the Planetarium page.