Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Note: All volunteers under 18 years old must volunteer with a family member or guardian who is 18 or older, except for Junior Naturalists working on the Junior Naturalist Program (available at CNCP).

Volunteer Opportunities & Information

  1. Complete a volunteer form [Right-click to save PDF Volunteer Application] then print or scan, sign (both pages), and submit via email (see step 2) or else fax.
  2. After your form is completed, either fax it and then send the following email without the attachment or email [email protected] attaching your application and put in the subject line your full name, type of work desired and days available. Please be sure to read the descriptions for each volunteer opportunity to make sure it is something you are interested in doing. Please wait for a response with available dates for the type of volunteer work you requested. If you do not receive a response within two weeks, please email [email protected] to check on the status of your application, making sure you specify when your initial email was sent.
  3. When you receive an email from Volunteer, please confirm that you will or will not be available on the dates offered.
  4. Wait for a response confirming that you have been added to the volunteer schedule.
  5. Show up on time and in appropriate clothing (e.g., no open-toed shoes on worksites/trails/animal care, no tube tops or tank tops or shredded shirts or very short shorts/skirts if working the front desk or office) for the work scheduled for each day you have been scheduled.

Emergency/Volunteer Work Day Opportunities:

  • Flood Amelioration and cleanup
  • Urgent repair or replace projects around the Center and grounds

Regular weekly volunteer opportunities:

  • 9:00am-12:00pm – Animal Care
  • 10:00am-1:00pm – Field Trips
  • 10:00am-5:00pm – Office Work
  • 10:00am-2:00pm – Donation Pick-ups
  • 10:00am-5:00pm – Front Desk – Long-term volunteers ONLY!

Special Event volunteer opportunities:

  • Haunted Walk awesome actors wanted! We start working on this in August, but do apply no matter when. All volunteers for Haunted Walk must be 18 or over unless accompanied at all times by a parent who is also volunteering.
  • Day and evening events such as Fathers Day/ movie night / laser light shows / (ask about current events)
  • 8:00am-5:00pm – Work Day – Check website, but typically the last Saturday of each month

We also host Annual Special Events (such as Return to Nature), so please ask what event we are currently planning to see if you are interested in volunteering for  Special Events.

Things to remember when volunteering:

Always wear closed toed shoes, clothing that is appropriate for being around young children (nothing vulgar, frightening – except for Haunted Walk volunteers during HW hours – or offensive), and always be on time.

Animal care is from 10:00am-1:00pm. Please arrive promptly at 10:00am downstairs in the commissary, as the gates are not always open earlier than that and if you show up late, the assignments will have already been distributed. The duties include food preparation, food distribution, and entering a variety of wildlife cages while under supervision to clean them out. Clothing that can get dirty is highly recommended.

Field trips are from 10:00am-1:00pm. Please arrive at 10:00am at the front desk and state that you are scheduled to volunteer with the field trip for the day. Field trips generally start at 10:00am, so if it is your first time volunteering it is recommended that you walk the trail to familiarize yourself with it and to take notes on what you see. Duties include assisting in directing and guiding the field trip through their planetarium show, trail walk, museum time, and animal talk. Be extra cautious of what you wear to make sure it’s appropriate for being around elementary school aged children.

Office work can be from 10:00am-5:00pm. The hours depend on what is needed at the time of your request, so please arrive at the time you are scheduled, go to the front desk and state that you are scheduled to volunteer with office work. Duties include filing, marketing, press releases, various phone related tasks, and many more miscellaneous items.

Special Event times, dates, and contact person varies depending on the event.  The duties may include preparation and operation of the event as well as helping with fundraising for the event. FYI – checking the Monthly Program on our site will also give you insight to when our upcoming special events are scheduled.

Donation Pick-Up is from 10:00am-2:00pm. Days of the week vary and contact person will vary depending on the donation. The duties include contacting possible donors to make the initial request and then traveling to their location to pick-up the donation to bring back to the center.

Front Desk is from 10:00am-5:00pm (we close at 4 pm, finishing up after that rarely takes a full hour) with another front desk volunteer. The duties include filing, marketing, press releases, various phone related tasks, and many more miscellaneous items. Front desk volunteer work is only for volunteers who intend on staying with us for 6 months or more. A professional appearance and courteous manner is important in Front Desk volunteers: you are the first face of Calusa Nature Center & Planetarium that new visitors will encounter.

Work Day is from 8:00am-5:00pm with the staff member on site. The duties include general maintenance of the facility and any event preparation that may be needed. Please feel free to bring along any shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, or construction tools you prefer to work with.

We look forward to working with you at the Calusa Nature Center & Planetarium, where you can help us with our mission and we can help you complete your volunteer-oriented (and learning) goals.